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Training with Cindy

Training with Cindy is a charm because she knows exactly how to handle a dog.  She works with the dog owner and the dog to ensure that the success happens.  It’s a relationship that needs to be nurtured on an ongoing basis.  She has board & train programs, and home & behavioral training.  To find the best program for your dog, please contact Cindy or fill out her intake form.

Training Services

Board and Train Programs

  1. Board and train programs for “on and off leash” using E-touch  (Min: 2 weeks but we offer more)

  2. Mini board and train with and without E-touch (This is for clients who have already trained with me)

In Home and Behavioral Training

Home and Behavioral Train in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

Learn how to use your home environment 24/7 to aid you in correcting your dog’s unwanted behaviors while enhancing communication between your dog and owner.

Appointments available 7 days a week including evenings (subject to availability).

Private Session with Cindy

Private dog training sessions gives one to one attention specific to you and your dogs needs.  Private dog training sessions help develop you and your dogs communication skills, raises self confidence to be able to understand your dog better and other skills. 

Get personalized attention with one on one sessions at Cindy’s.  For more information or to set up an appointment with Cindy please call or use our contact form.

Exclusive Boarding for Clients (limited space)

Boarding Exclusively for Clients who have completed Board and Train with us. Our boarding is structured to maintain your training investment.

Josie – The scared and unsocialized dog

Cindy has become like a member of our family; we feel so lucky we found her. When we first adopted Josie a year ago, from the San Francisco ASPCA, she was a scared and unsocialized dog from her time on the streets. Her excitement and fear of other dogs frequently manifested by whining and running up to other dogs making them uncomfortable. Despite Josie’s clear interest in other dogs, she was unable to play with other dogs without scaring them with her off-putting approach. Then we found Cindy. Under Cindy’s training, she has been transformed into a totally new dog. Now, she is much more relaxed and well-behaved. She is able to make friends with our friend’s dogs and play with new dogs. She’s even become more loving and affectionate with people, instead of moving away when anyone tries to caress her. She has completely come into her own and become a more balanced dog.

We can’t thank Cindy enough for the changes she’s helped us implement in our handling of Josie to allow her to grow and succeed. Cindy is thoughtful, caring and extremely effective. She spent a lot her energy not to only train Josie, but to train us in how to be better leaders for Josie. Cindy has changed our lives, and we cannot recommend her highly enough, particularly for those families adopting rescue dogs.

Josie - The scared and unsocialized dog


Clients Helping Clients: Must be either a current, or former client to participate in this program.

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Pet Care & Health

Check out the resources page for additional info on certain pet care & health I refer my clients to.