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Working with Cindy for almost two years, I would definitely have to say that it is easy to just have a dog as a pet but it is very hard to have a very well behaved dog. My definition of a well behaved dog is one who you can: listen to your commands despite the high distractions around, trust alone with infants, protect the family while still being able to play and be sociable with other dogs. I’ve learned that any dog is able to have all these traits; yet, I believe that as owners we often spoil their chances of reaching their full potentials. Whether it is due to our lack of understanding, inabilities as owners or simply not setting boundaries and spoiling our dogs, despite the initial good intentions and love, many of us ruin our dogs. I have been definitely guilty of all of this but have learned that with the right techniques, blood, sweat, tears and determination, your dog can definitely be corrected.

Dog training is not easy but after all the hard work, it is definitely worth every bit. When you get a dog, you are supposed to do the research on the breed and know your abilities and experiences as a dog owner. Instead, I fell in love with the puppy eyes and ended up getting my dog on a very impulsive decision. Though some are lucky and find a dog that matches their lifestyle and capabilities, I definitely failed in this department and got a Belgium Mallinois & German Shepherd Dog Mix from a very prominent working line. Being a beginner dog owner and a full time software engineering college student, it was definitely not a very wise match.

I have learned that with determination and perseverance in the right direction, even a college student can have a well behaved working dog. Through this intensive process, I not only was able to transform my dog to a dream dog but also transformed the way I view myself. Contrary to the common belief, dog training is more about training the owner and I would have to say that Cindy was very successful at this. I’ve definitely become much more patient and better at controlling my spikes of frustration and now laugh at my past mistakes not only in training but in also in life.

Cindy truly cares about the owners and dogs and constantly pushes the dog and owner to achieve their best. If you ever work with Cindy be prepared to learn a lot about techniques and your dog but most of all yourself. Definitely worth all the time and effort!

Transporter with Puppy Jeff

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