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About Cindy
 Since 2009

Dog Help Now:
Love of Training Dogs and People

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Cindy is an accomplished dog trainer with 20+ years of experience working in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to: Search and Rescue, Shutzund, Personal Protection. Cindy works with all types of dogs, ranging from puppies to adult, with all types of training needs from behavioral to aggression issues. She works with both the dog and the owner to help with effective communication between the two using psychology as her basis.

Cindy Gehring is a former military recruiter with 27 years of experience in business leadership.  Her expertise is in coaching, training, facilitation, management and supervision. In addition, she is a certified empowerment coach. She specialized in leadership training and development while helping people gain more personal business leadership skills.  Her true passion is through her coaching and helping people in general which turned her onto behavioral dog training.  Cindy Gehring is an exceptional trainer because of her very unique background and it shows through her clientele.  


What Drives Cindy

Our Mission

My mission as a dog trainer is to bring together my love of people, dogs and leadership to educate and facilitate happier, healthier relationships between our canine companions and the people who love them. I believe that our canine companions give us an incredible gift even with the most difficult of issues. The challenges they present can offer us opportunities to know ourselves and our families better. They can become a powerful catalyst for change in our lives if we are able to see, listen and learn.”

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In Memory of my beloved Papa Ace

RIP 1/14/2018

Speckles “Mr. Defensive” do not move too quick it makes me nervous.

Rescue dog abused before his new family took him in.

We started working with Cindy after an incident with our 2 yr old Dalmatian, Speckles. We had gotten him at 18 months old from our local dog shelter. After we brought him into our home it became apparent that our dog had been abused by previous owners. We knew he was hard of hearing, but he also had trust and fear issues.

Cindy came into our home to work with us, so she was able to see behaviors that never showed up in the training classes we took our dog to. Cindy helped us see the link between what we thought were small unrelated behavioral issues and how to overcome them, the best way possible for us. She worked with us and our dog to make sure that we saw and understood his particular behavior issues and how do address them. She came back regularly to monitor our progress and help us through the rough spots as they came up. Cindy taught us how to be pack leaders; without her we probably would not have been able to keep our dog. We are forever grateful to her and have her back periodically to make sure we are all still on track.