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Private Training Featured Story

Photography by Sivan Ron

I’d say Cindy is the best, but that would be an understatement. She truly understands the psychology of why a dog behaves the way it does, and was able to assess my pup’s behavior within minutes of meeting her. She clearly knows what she’s doing and loves her job, and is patient, understanding, and clear with her instructions. Since I am a first-time dog owner, everything is completely new to me, so I cannot emphasize enough how much her patience was key to my experience.

On top of being a total expert with my dog, she went above and beyond by also understanding ME and how having a new dog was affecting me psychologically. She helped me identify the anxiety I was giving myself with this new dog care and gave me the tools to understand the process and take things one day at a time. Within just our first session, Cindy allowed me to understand both myself and my dog and gave me the confidence to believe that we can help my dog together in just a matter of time.

STRONGLY recommend Cindy if you’re looking for a trainer who will go above and beyond and understand the needs and emotions of both you and your dog.

Update: After 4+ months of working with Cindy, my appreciation for her only continues to grow. I’ve seen wild improvements in my 2 year old rescue, and truly couldn’t have done this without Cindy!

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