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Arya the Bossy Poodle

My dog is a 50 lb Standard Poodle.  She and I have been clients of Cindy Gehring for two years. While still a puppy, my dog attended “boot camp”, boarding with Cindy for a few weeks for intensive training. Since then we have met periodically with Cindy for individual and group training sessions.

My dog and I have both learned a great deal from Cindy’s training.  I have owned dogs all my life, and this is by far the best behaved dog I have ever worked with, thanks entirely to Cindy’s guidance. My dog is athletic, strong and fast.  She could easily knock me or my friends over, could easily run away.  But I don’t worry about these things, because I know she won’t.

When she  was still a puppy she loved to play, and would try to play with smaller dogs. At that time we had an older Chihuahua, who did NOT want to play with a big dog. The poodle was so persistent that I was afraid she might hurt our Chihuahua.  Cindy, working with my poodle and a small dog of her own, was able to train the poodle to be very gentle with smaller dogs, and to accept a doggy “NO!” as an answer and stop trying to play with him.  I regularly take the poodle to the dog park now where she plays with all sizes of dogs, and to this day she is gentle with the smaller dogs and lets them alone if they don’t want to play with her.

When the poodle was still small I had to pick her up to put her in the back seat of my pickup truck.  When she reached her full size and weight, I was still picking her up and putting her in the back seat – I could not convince her to try to jump in, no matter what I tried.  When Cindy realized that was happening, she worked with us.  In only one training session, the dog was jumping into the back seat unassisted! All I need to do is point to the seat and say “Hup!” and the poodle jumps up into the seat.

The point of these stories is that Cindy Gehring is an outstanding dog trainer.  From dealing with real behavioral “problems” to guiding a juvenile dog in its growth to a trustworthy companion, Cindy excels.

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Transporting in winter…oh so fun and a little play to boot.

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