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Board and Train

Board & Train Featured Story

 I can’t believe how much better our family life has gotten after sending our puppy to train with Cindy!  We recently adopted a lovely (and only slightly naughty) puppy with no significant behavioral issues.  However, we had never had a dog before, so we had no idea what we were doing.  We signed up for puppy obedience classes and met for private sessions a few times with a local trainer.  But Jeff’s puppy behaviors, and our lack of time (with 3 young kids and hectic schedules) to train him made it feel like we had made a big mistake getting a dog.  In desperation, I looked for a board-and-train program since we were heading out of town for a wedding anyway.  It made such a difference to Jeff’s behavior that we sent him back again a few weeks later.

When Cindy called the day after his session, I told her that I think she must have given us back the wrong dog.  Jeff no longer jumped up on people, he stopped counter surfing, he stopped mouthing my kids when they played with him, and he went into his crate without problems and no longer cried and barked the whole time he was in there.  He was just so calm, and took his cues from us – so attentive!  The best thing is that he now comes when we call him.  We live on an acre of land that isn’t fenced in, and we could never run around and play with him in the yard, or take him to go potty without finding a leash.  Cindy’s amazing work with our sweet pup has made us finally able to ENJOY having a dog!  I constantly recommend her to everyone that I know – she understands dogs so well, loves them so deeply, and is great at training their humans too.



Puppy Jeff off leash in his NON fenced yard

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