Cindy’s Board and Train


Board and Train:

  • Two week board and train program for “on and off leash” using E-touch
  • Mini board and train with and without E-touch


Cindy’s Home and Train

Cindy Gehring with Dakota and Gabbanna

Home and Train:

  • Train in the convenience and privacy of your own home.
  • Learn how to use your home environment 24/7 to aid you in correcting your dog’s unwanted behaviors.
  • Appointments available 7 days a week including evenings (subject to availability).

Other Services

Exclusive Boarding for Clients (limited space)

Once you train with me, you are welcome to bring your puppy/dog back for boarding and a little training tune up. It is never just a boarding. All doggie guests get a mini tune up and play work while staying as my guest.

Dog Group: Clients Helping Clients

Must be either a current, or former client, to participate in this program.

Honest Kitchen and or green tripe meals provided for an additional fee.

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What are some of the benefits to E-Touch & Force Free training?

  • Control can be easily achieved without yelling, frustration or jerking the leash
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors quickly and humanely
  • Provides consistent communication your dog can learn and understand quickly
  • Control off leash allowing more freedom
  • Easily combined with other training techniques
  • Allows disabled or injured owners to handle their dog with out further injury to owner
  • Control can be easily turned over to the owner and or other family members

Personal note from Cindy: Like many things in the world of dog training the E-collar is very controversial. I will simply say this as a dog trainer and dog lover: “I personally would never resort to a training technique that was inhumane and/or abusive”. Any training tool can become abusive and inhumane in the wrong hands and with the wrong intentions. I have found that adding the E-collar to my dog training methods can be an invaluable tool when used wisely and correctly. The ability to adapt to the needs of the family and the dog are very important. Just as with human beings it is not a one method fits all. By adding the E-collar to my tools for dog training, more than one of my canine client’s lives have been saved. If you would like to know more about my dog training services, please call me at 408-238-1540.

C’Enna “Ms Leader” We ARE going where I want whether you like it or not.


Cindy Gehring with C’Enna who is now a companion service dog for her disabled owner

I am writing this regarding the excellent training Cindy has done with C’Enna the German Shepherd. C’Enna is owned by an older woman and was very excitable and could not be handled safely by her owner. She would charge through doors and drag her owner any way she wanted to go. She barked when entering the grooming room and dragged me around also. Since Cindy completed the training the results are amazing! She now walks on a leash politely and is much easier to groom. C’Enna is much more calm and happier. I can’t thank Cindy enough for the remarkable changes. I recommend her services often and have total faith in Cindy’s abilities as a trainer

Thank you again.

Joy Freas, Lead trimmer, Springdale Kennels

Onsite Training


Practicing patience with
Cindy Gehring @ Dog Help Now