Cindy Gehring’s Bio

Cindy is an accomplished dog trainer with 20+ years of experience working in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to: Search and Rescue, Shutzund, Personal Protection. Cindy works with all types of dogs, ranging from puppies to adult, with all types of training needs, ranging from basic obedience to aggression issues.

A former military recruiter with 27 years of experience in business leadership, Cindy is an expert in training, facilitation, management and supervision. A certified empowerment coach, Cindy specialized in leadership training and development for many years.

Cindy has the following certifications, apprenticeships and memberships:

  • Personal Protection Handler certification with Lance Stackhouse, K9 Clinic, Watsonville, CA. Now retired, Lance was the Watsonville police department’s K9 supervisor and trainer for many years.
  • Apprenticeship with Kim Baer, Now Who’s the Boss, Arizona. Kim specializes in aggression issues, agility and obedience.
  • E-Touch and basic companion dog training certification, Martin Deeley’s International School for Dog Trainers. Martin is an internationally award-winning gun dog trainer and training consultant to Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.
  • Member of the IACP, International Association of Dog Professionals.
  • International Association of Dog Professionals Certified Dog Trainer


9/1/94 to 6/6/06
Quest was my beloved companion, protector and incredible teacher. His spirit and the lessons I learned fuel my love for working with families and their Canine companions.

Cooper “The Water Lover” I will take you down for a swim



We tried for two years and two different dog trainers to try to deal with our dog’s aggression issues, yet Cindy was able to make a dramatic difference in just two short weeks. She is truly gifted in working with dogs and their owners, and in helping us to understand the dynamics and address problems at their source for lasting behavioral change.

Thanks again and best of luck with your career!

Marty Cooper, Saratoga, CA