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Cindy Gehring Dog Trainer International Association of Canine Professional's 2010 Conference, San Diego, CA

International Association of Canine Professional's 2010 Conference, San Diego, CA Trained with Martin Deeley, an International Award winning-gun dog trainer and training consultant to Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.

cindy gehring training IACP Cindy Gehring ecollar
Specializes in:   E-Collar,
E-Touch & Force Free training

Cindy’s Mission Statement

My mission as a dog trainer is to bring together my love of people, dogs and leadership to educate and facilitate happier, healthier relationships between our canine companions and the people who love them. I believe that our canine companions give us an incredible gift even with the most difficult of issues. The challenges they present can offer us opportunities to know ourselves and our families better. They can become a powerful catalyst for change in our lives if we are able to see, listen and learn."

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Cindy Gehring dog training in San Jose, CA

"Mr. Independent" Who needs humans? Okay maybe for meals.

Our boy Cody was nearly feral when we adopted him. He was found wandering in a pasture with his family of abandoned dogs, so when we got him at four months, there was much work to do. I LOVE dogs and thought I knew just about everything about them.....until I met Cindy.

Cody started out as a very high energy, hard-to-manage dog. I had a difficult time imagining the next years of my life with a dog that got hyper-excited when he approached another dog on our walks, towed me down the sidewalk, and didn't even want to make eye contact with me. Like a very skilled relationship counselor, Cindy showed me what Cody needed to feel comfortable and confident and a relaxed part of our family. We have been working hard on our leash manners and dog-greeting skills, and now I don't fear the daily walks. Cody is now a sweet, calm, well-adjusted part of our family.

Cindy truly understands dogs and shares that knowledge with her clients, which is the secret to our success. It's a miracle to see her working with her four-legged clients. If you are willing to apply the knowledge that Cindy will give you, you will see amazing changes in your furry buddy.

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